About the Authors

Meet the authors of The WIzard of God


Steve Roy

Why do bios almost always refer to the author in the 3rd person, as if someone other than he/she is writing it? Hi there, Steve here.. I’ve had a very strange life, and that makes it challenging to write a short bio. Shall I write about all the awesome things I’ve done, or my catastrophic failures? I grew up in South Florida, so close to the ocean I could smell the salt in air. Over the years, I’ve lived in several locations; mainly in the southern US. I don’t really have any literary achievements to brag about. I have owned my own business for as long as I can remember. I love to play music with friends. The Wizard of God is my first novel. I never imagined writing a novel, but this one is of a different sort. It came as a vision from over the rainbow…


Brooke_photoBrook Gale Louvier

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. I’ve wanted to be a writer since before I knew how to spell my name. I spent a few years living on a bus and exploring the world. Now I am a wife and mom living in the great land of Texas. I’ve also written a collection of poetry. I love cooking, thrift stores, Asian food and anything crafty. I blog at www.brookegale.com.

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