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Imagine No Religion

Imagine there is no need to become a slave or mercenary, in the hopes of ultimately being accepted by God.

Instead, imagine a God who isn’t displeased, or angry. A God who doesn’t demand worshipers to strive for favors or grovel in the hopes of appeasing divine anger and wrath.

Imagine an infinitely happy, kind and loving God who created a beautiful garden (earth) for His beloved children  to enjoy!

Imagine these created beings deciding to seek life, meaning, existence, and glory, independently of their Creator.

Imagine a loving God who loved these beings enough to give them free will, allowing them to achieve their goal of separation… even when it broke His heart.

Imagine on this day, separated from the Creator and source of all Life, these sad beings died.


These “lesser gods” still exist, but only as flesh eating zombies. Void of Life, found only in the Creator, now they exist only by consuming the flesh of others. Imagine  a whole world like this. A real horror movie!

Over time, imagine these walking dead creating something called “religion.” Some had religious motives springing from an inner voice calling them back to the Creator, while others simply saw religion as a way to attract victims to consume.

The zombies initiated separation from God, and now in their deadness, presume to know how to kinda, sorta, reconnect with God. (On their own terms of course.)

Imagine the Creator God loves all these zombies as a parent loves a rebellious child who has descended into a hellish lifestyle.

Imagine a God who doesn’t see bad people needing more discipline, laws, threats, punishment, and bribes, etc, in order to somehow become “good.” But of course God sees them as they truly are, spiritually dead, needing the only thing dead people need, LIFE!

But how will God get zombies to listen, much less recognize their need for Life? They are perpetually consumed with other undertakings!

But seriously, it’s tough to have a heart-to- heart with someone trying to eat your brains. This is a real dilemma.

If you were God, what would you do?

Alive Again

God built the bridge, crossed over and became one of us. God came bearing a Gift. The gift was, and the gift is Life.

Life has to be a gift. God isn’t looking for slaves or mercenaries, but for lost children. Love is at the heart of it all. Love is always seeking to save that which is lost. Love came over the bridge, filled with the Gift.

It is finished.

The gift of life is what we explore in The Wizard of god. You can download the free e-book on our website or buy a paper copy on Amazon.

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